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GDS-StreamSed App

Each app uses OSM map tiles OSM (Open Street Map) with the programmed sampling points on it. Each collection point is converted into a marker that, when clicked, pops-up a menu particular to each app type. The menu will display a particular form and the data from the form will be loaded internally into the tablet database (offline). The coordinates and elevation data are collected automatically by the tablet GPS. After returning from the field all the collected data can be uploaded to the main database located on a remote server using the available internet connection. The app also stores all the data internally using CSV file format as a backup. The system works exclusively using Latitude-Longitude on WGS-84 datum and all conversions are handled automatically by the app during the upload process adjusting them to the defined database datum (database SRID).

After installing the App from the Google Play Store on your tablet and loading the basemaps and AOI start it by clicking on the app icon.

The database connection dialog will appear asking to fill the connection parameters. Fill all information if you are going to upload any internal data already stored in the tablet. Otherwise just select the right UTM zone, type an username and press Enter.

The following map screen will appear showing your current location as a yellow person or a white triangle.

The app menu is displayed by sliding your finger towards the screen centre at the tablet left border.

Selecting New sampling point will bring the following form to be completed accordingly. The latitude, longitude and elevation values are extracted from the tablet GPS at the location when the menu item is pressed.

Fields in pink are mandatory to have a value where sample and point must be unique. The fields in salmon are optional and fields in beige are multiple choice drop boxes.

After filling the fields press insert sample and a brief “Success” message will appear. For each new sampling point entered, a new marker will appear on the map screen.

Now, touch the point presented as a green marker to get the following dialog:

Press OK.The following form with the data that was already entered in this point will appear for editing or deletion.

Right after editing the map screen with the "Success" notification will be displayed. If you perform the deletion of the point the related marker and its data will disappear.

The background map can be changed to the previously loaded map using Select base map menu item.Choose a map from the options presented accordingly with your needs.

The maps can be zoomed in during the sampling process to better locate your position and to match with more precision the planned location already included on the base maps.

Base map

Satellite Image map

Topographic map

Targeting map

Geological map

Geophysical map

The data collected is uploaded to the server using the menu item Upload internal points to server. Prior to upload the data make sure that you have entered the correct credentials when you started the App (username, password, host, database name and SRID).

The following screen message is displayed and note that automatically a CSV file is saved internally with the data collected.

If you entered wrong credentials the following message (Connection Error) will be displayed:

If a duplicate or problem occur during the upload you will get the following message (Error Uploading Data):

But, if everything goes OK, the following message will be displayed (Data Uploaded):

To clean the internal database data select Erase internal data from the menu.

After confirming using YES, the data will be backed-up as an internal app file and the collected data erased from the tablet.