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Welcome to the GDataSystems!

The data acquisition system GDataSystems consists of a central Postgis database that stores exploration and GIS data. The database is fed using the apps (GDS-Soil, GDS-StreamSed, GDS-Auger and GDS-GeoMap) developed for Android 11 or newer.

The following tools are already realeased

  • Soil Sampling
  • Stream Sediment sampling
  • Auger drilling
  • Geological mapping/Rock sampling

    Future releases:

  • RC Drilling
  • DDH Drilling / Core Logging

    Installing the Android Apps

    The apps GDS-Soil, GDS-StreamSed and GDS-Auger are available on Google Play Store.





  • System Setup

    The instructions to setup a Standard GDataSystems to use with the Standard App can be found at:

    Server Setup

    Database Setup

    QGIS Plugins

    The plugins can be used to create sampling points associated with the Apps base maps. One creates regularly spaced points inside polygons and the other creates sampling points at drainage intersections (stream sediments)

    More information about these two plugins can be found



    Data can be accessed using a customized Dashboard

    For customized systems Contact:

    André Costa, M.Sc, FAIG

    +55 (85) 99433 7332



    Interactive tools that can be used with Brazil Mineral Rights Data from the ANM updated daily.

    Interactive map for diamond exploration from CPRM database.

    Series of tutorials and data that can be used to learn GeoTechnology.