Brazil Oil & Gas Exploration Database

This is a simple interface to show Brazil's Oil & Gas exploration data.

CAUTION The ANP data for fields and exploration areas are outdated (April 2017). The agency does not make the updated information available anymore since that date. Some exploration areas may not exist anymore.

Some of the data can be viewed using Google Earth as KML or it can be browsed for their attributes.

Interactive Map

The map, created using Leaflet, will be the portal to the geospatial information.
When started we will see at the top-right we have the layer selector. They are divided into the following categories:
- Fields .
- Exploration Blocs .
- Wells .
- Seismic lines .
Clicking on any element will bring each individual information in a popup window.

Database access

Select the table you want to visualize.

  • Exploration Areas
  • Fields
  • Wells

  • Load the data using google earth KML from the database

    Follow the instructions below to load the data into Google Earth:

    Open Add > Network Link and the following windows will show up.

    Enter a name (Exploration areas) and the following link http://amazeone.com.br/prods/petroleo/bloco.php into their respective fields as showed below:

    Repeat the same procedure for the following data: http://amazeone.com.br/prods/petroleo/campo.php (Fields) and http://amazeone.com.br/prods/petroleo/poco.php (Wells)